Friday, January 30, 2009

This morning I caught part of a story about quintuplets on tv.
I'm not sure what channel it was on
I'm going to guess the discovery channel.
I just caught a snippet where they seemed to be labeling the babies with signs that said "boy" or "girl".
It seemed scary to me and made me never want to have children.
Because I imagined myself at a hospital randomly being told,
Guess what, looks like there are 5 possibly 8 babies in your womb! Surprise! We would have told you earlier but you seem to have a rare baby birthing disorder that causes the number of babies you give birth to to be unpredictable! Oh wait a minute looks like the baby count went up to 12!!!!
I wouldn't be able to handle that
would fear that I would lose track of all of the babies except one.
Then as they grew up they would grow to hate me because I forgot all of their names.
They would probably just start robbing banks as a group because they were desperate for attention from anyone that would give it.
I just don't have the time to deal with stuff like that(right now).

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