Wednesday, May 11, 2011

So I bought new running sneakers today because when I was training for my first half marathon in the fall, I had heard/learned that you are supposed to buy a new pair after running about 400 miles.
I can't wait to try them out/break them in tomorrow.
This pair I got today is my second pair of "serious" running sneakers.
They are very comfortable but I'm feeling a little weird about replacing my old ones.
I feel like both pairs of sneakers can't be in the same room at the same time...
Also my new pair is a different brand than my old one.
When I had bought my first pair, I bought a brand called Mizuno which I had never heard of but they turned out to be fantastic.
Then I did some research on them and it turned out they were a very reputable brand.
The brand I have now is Asics which I had heard of back in high school but have never worn until now. They were very comfortable when I ran/tried them on at the store.
I'm still feeling weird about the brand switch though...

What I think this really comes down to is it is FAR more fun to say the word "Mizuno"
than it is to say the word "Asics".
All the sentences before these three were probably unnecessary...

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