Sunday, April 15, 2007

One night I was driving to a show and it was really nice out, so I had the windows down.
I was stopped at a red light.
Suddenly to my right I hear a guy's voice say,
"Let me see you smile! C'mon!"
At first I didn't look over because I thought, "There is no way that is being directed to me.
Who yells that out to the car next to them at a red light?"
Then I heard the voice again.
I looked over
sure enough he was talking to me and he again urged me to smile, only this time he beeped the horn on his car after he said it.
Then he said it again and again.
I don't know why but I gave in and smiled, in a very fake way.
Then the light turned green and he said,
"That's what I'd talking about!"
and sped off.
I kind of made me feel like I had a lost a bet or something.

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