Friday, April 06, 2007

Last night I did a bit of a longer set at The Comedy Studio
had so much fun.
The Comedy Studio is in Cambridge by Harvard Square.
I always love going back there because it is one of the clubs I started out at and it was kind of my home away from home when I was in college.
I do longer sets all the time, but it's been while since I've done one there.
I've never bothered to tape myself doing a longer set
even though I have been performing since I was a teenager I've always felt VERY uncomfortable whenever I know am being video taped or photographed while I'm performing.
It has always made me not put on as good of a show.
Something about the camera has creeped me out in the past.
Yes, I know that's weird.
But over the last 2 years I think I've started to finally get over that.
It took long enough, huh?
Now I'll just have to get over watching myself after I've taped a show...
I bet within at least 10 years I'll be able to watch footage of myself without cringing ;-)