Monday, June 11, 2007

No 9-1-1 calls had to be made on account of the cactus.
I once had a 9-1-1 call made on my behalf when I was living in NY though.
It was scary.
It was due to an incident that happened in a very public place.
It was so melodramtic that after the incident I got recognized a few times when I was out and about in the neighborhood.
You would have thought I had just made a tv or movie or appearance.
People would be like,
"Val? You're Val,right? I saw the incident happen...I was there..."
It made me wish that I would get recognized by someone for my stand-up instead.
Then almost like magic...
I moved to a new neighborhood in NY a few months later
one day when I was waiting for subway, someone came up to me and said,
"Val, right? I saw you doing stand-up..."

It made me feel glad that I had moved to a new neighborhood ;)