Friday, June 22, 2007

That last post didn't really happen it was just a weird dream I had that felt real.
Sorry for the lies!

I feel like whenever I'm running late for something I always end up stuck in line behind someone who is buying every lottery ticket that has ever been created.
It always feels surreal, like I got teleported into the line or something.
The person keeps asking for one more ticket.
Then just when you think they're finally done they say something like,
"Hmmm...are there any more lottery tickets that I can buy?"
Then surprisingly there are, and they decide to hold up the line even longer and buy all of those too.
I hope this isn't some bizarre omen that someday that is what I'll be:
The annoying lottery ticket buyer.
If that is who I become, I just wanted to take a time out right now and say I'm sorry about that,
I hope I didn't make you late for that thing you were on your way to.

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