Sunday, September 30, 2007

These kids and their helicopters these days!!!
When I was a kid the 25cent/50cent rides were way cooler at the front of Walmart/Kmart-esgue department stores.
It used to just be an orange horse that looked like it was leaping through the air.
It was a very kick ass horse
it was a good time and a half!
But I guess things have evolved since then now there is this helicopter:

Which I must say is cool.

And a random red jeep:

Which is lame!
After riding in the car with your parent(s) why would you want to spend more time pretending to ride in another one
only in this round pay 50cents?
It all makes me wonder if when I was a kid
riding the leaping orange horse
were there people who saw me riding it and thought:
I can't believe they got rid of the 25cent covered wagon ride!
These kids don't know what they're missing!

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that girl said...

I always laugh when I read your blog because I picture you always driving through America 90mph in a punch buggy with your camera. Then randomly pulling over and taking pictures of things for your blog. Keep it up, even if you don't own a punch buggy...