Friday, September 07, 2007

The first time I ever made a prank phone call was at a friend's birthday party in elementary school.
We were playing the game,"Girltalk":

I got a dare to call someone and say,
"I want to order a pizza", then hang up the phone.

I haven't stopped laughing since!
(Don't worry I'm joking about the "I haven't stopped laughing since" part).


Anonymous said...

I used to play that game too..

tv spy said...

This doesn't have anything to do with the game, "Girltalk" so maybe I shouldn't post it, but just wanted to say that last night I randomly turned on the tv to find the voice of Valerie Kappa portraying Clarice on "Home Movies" and laughed my ass off. I know that was something you did awhile ago but I still found it funny for some reason. I loved the fact that the character was so random and was wearing a space helmet. That is all.

Vanessa said...

Valerie Kappa, this also has nothing to do w/the game "Girltalk". I also caught you on Adult Swim last night(on purpose) being the voice of Clarice. I already saw the clips online but think tv is more magical when you see it on a tv. I always love to see the first things people did in their careers :)
That stuff cracks me up. You've come along way since being the voice of a random space helmet wearing girl at a coffee shop.

Anonymous said...

You should create your own cartoon and be the voice of Val Kappa.

girly! said...

On a "Girltalk" related note, I just wanted to say that I would love to play "Girltalk" with you sometime.

Val said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone :)
To "tv spy":
Of course it's ok to post a comment!

To people who watched the re-run of me being a cartoon voice: thanks.
I always appreciate feedback of any kind. That's why the comment option is on here.