Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Secret Sauce
I was walking to my car pretty late the other night
it was really quiet in the neighborhood because all of the bars and restaurants had closed.
I walked by one restaurant that was closed but you could tell that people were still inside cleaning up and stuff.
The back door of the restaurant quickly opened to reveal a guy holding a large plastic bucket from which he poured a mysterious liquid out of.
It was probably just grease from the fryer or something
because it was done so secretly, so late, and from the back door it looked like a bizarre cover-up
like maybe he was dumping a toxic liquid.
It made me feel like I should take out my camera and take a picture of him dumping the "seceret sauce"
yell something like,
"I'm telling the papers!!!"
Then run to my car and speed off so the wheels of the car make a screeching noise.
I decided to just be normal and not do that though.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend everybody!
Thanks for reading this!

1 comment:

john said...

The "secret sauce" may have been mop water.