Monday, September 01, 2008

My comic strip was published in our high school newspaper.
Our high school newspaper was published as one page, once a week in our town newspaper.

When I first started it, it was just about Mowie eating things...


Jerell said...

How many strips did you do? Was it a "hit", per say?

Val said...

I don't know the exact number of strips I did, but I did it for about a year and half(I think).

There was really no way to tell if it was a "hit". When something is a hit that usually means it has a big viewership.
Since this was in a newspaper there was really no way to measure that
(and even if there was a way to measure that back then I probably wouldn't have been aware of it).

It was just my first time writing material of some kind on a regular basis for an audience.