Friday, September 05, 2008

You know what might be annoying...
If you had to be somewhere
you got there early(like 40 minutes).
So you decide to just walk around the neighborhood
explore just to kill the time.
You keep walking then you decide it's time to walk back to that place you were supposed to be at but were way too early at
you reach into your pocket to pull out that piece of paper that has the address.
For some reason you end up letting go of the piece of paper
it happens to be an abnormally windy day, so the paper with the address blows away
mixes a bunch of other blown away pieces of paper in the distance.
As you watch this happen you realize that that piece of paper was your only way of knowing the exact location of the place you have to be at
now it's gone.
Because of this you end up being an hour late for something you were initially 40 minutes early for.
I'm not saying this has happened to me.
I'm just saying it would be annoying if it happened to someone.

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