Thursday, August 30, 2007

I think people tend to think of tourists as being annoying.
I've never really found that to be the case in Boston
or Harvard Square. I've spent alot of time in these 2 locations doing comedy and holding some partime jobs in the past and I've always found the people visiting to be really cool. It's always made working and doing comedy there a lot of fun.

I think the only time I've seen a real annoying tourist situation was when I was living in NY.
I was walking through Times Square and got caught behind a group of slow walking tourists who were taking a lot of pictures.
Which is not the annoying part. Most people take pictures when they are visiting somewhere. It makes sense.
But the thing I found annoying is while walking behind them I noticed a bit of a protest going on to my right
it was really intense.
The tourists didn't seem to notice that though.
Instead they said,
"Oh my God you guys! Look it's the MTV building!"
put their focus on that and took a snapshot.
I think I would have gone the other route and taken a picture and been very "Oh my God!" by the intense protest.
But maybe if I had yelled, "Oh my God! A real protest!" and taken a picture of it,
they would have thought I was the annoying one.

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