Friday, January 23, 2009

Get with it, people!

I had a really annoying dream last night that I moved to a town that was being terrorized by a crocodile.

The annoying thing about this is that I was the only one in the town who seemed to know what a crocodile was. So I was the only one who was alarmed when I saw it.
No one seemed phased except me.

I kept saying,
Omg! A crocodile!

Then everyone would say,
What are you talking about? What crocodile? What's a crocodile?

Then I'd be like,
That thing over there that's running full throttle towards us and seems like it might kill us when it gets to us!

Then they'd say,
That's ridiculous! I've never heard of such a thing!

Then I'd keep trying to explain but no one got it.
The crocodile kept popping up everywhere.

I went to a store to get a bottled water
it ran in and started knocking things over
again I was like,
OMG! A crocodile is in the store!

And again everyone just said,
What the hell is a crocodile? What are you talking about?


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