Saturday, January 17, 2009

I went to the movies this week
there was this group of people who entered the theatre in a herd-like fashion
they behaved as though they had never been to a movie theatre before.
One of them said,
Wow, it's dark in here! How are going to find our seat numbers?!
Then another one said,
I'm seat 17 let's just look for that one.
So they appoached a couple who were sitting down and accused them of taking their seats and explaining,
See we have our tickets right here you're in our seats! Seat 17 is ours!
The guy from the seated couple responded by saying,
It's not assigned seating here...also the seats aren't even numbered. They're lettered. This is seat BA, not 17.
The herd of people accepted their misunderstanding and sat down then one of them said,
See this is why I never go to the movies with you guys!

I thought the whole exchange added to my movie experience and made the already awesome movie even better.

The End.

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Jerell said...

Paul Blart: Mall Cop was ruined for you I bet.