Friday, March 25, 2005

I was in NY on Wednesday.
I haven't been there since December.
So it was cool to see people.
NY is obviously a great city, but just not for me I don't think.
I remember the first time I went to NY and walked through Times Square I was really overwhelmed.
Most people are.
It can be a pretty intense thing to walk through if you're visiting for the first time.
It's super crowded, and then there's the whole bright lights big city factor.
For the longest time I always thought Times Square looked like a power outage waiting to happen.
So I wouldn't walk through it, I would just look at it from a few blocks away then point at it and say, "There it is."

But now I feel fine about walking through it.
And I feel like when I do I act like a cliche New Yorker:
I walk obnoxiously fast, and start cursing at people who walk slow,
giving them the finger, and constantly ordering bagels and throwing them at people who dare to make eye contact with me.

It feels good to go full circle like that.

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