Monday, March 07, 2005

I'm back on the east coast and very happy to be back.
I flew back in from Iowa yesterday.
I did a show there on Saturday at Simpson College in Indianola.
It was a fun show, with a small turnout.
I like shows like that because they are bit more casual and it makes me feel like I'm in my living room hanging out with friends.

I went to Iowa once before in the fall.
It was interesting to see how different it looked.
In the fall it was green and really pretty,
this weekend...not so green, but great weather.
Touring has been been fun but I am definitely glad to be back
able to work on other things.
And more importantly I'm just glad to be back with friends and family.
Touring is definitely cool, but it can be a bit lonely at times.
I didn't tour with other comedians, it was

This was pretty much my first time doing a bulk of shows like this.
I liked it a lot, because I like that feeling of going somewhere where I've never been and performing in front of an audience who has never heard of me.
It's very exciting because there's a chance that they may not like what I do.
So if they do like what I do, it's very rewarding.
It's a bit riskier.
And there really is no way of telling if an audience will like me or not till I do the show.
Sometimes everyone likes me.
Sometimes nobody seems to like me.
Sometimes it's mixed.
Every once in a while I'll do a show where half of the room will like what I do a lot, while the other half will not like what I do so much.
I once did a show where I was walking back to my car behind 2 audience members
they were yelling and having an argument on whether or not I was funny.
One of them yelled about me being funny, the other one yelled about me not being funny.
I was walking behind them the whole time and they had no idea.
I thought it was bizarre that people would take the time to get into an argument over my stand-up.
But I thought it was interesting.
I love that kind of stuff.
But I babble.

Thanks to all of the schools for having me over,
doing such a great job at promoting the shows,
being so accomodating and nice.
Thanks to folks who showed up.

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