Monday, March 21, 2005

I went to Iowa again on Saturday.
I performed at a college in Sioux City called Morningside College.
In my hometown there is this steakhouse called "The Hilltop".
It's pretty well known.
In front of it are a bunch of fake cows.
It's something you can't help but notice everytime you drive through.
Around Xmas they usually put Santa hats on the cows.
When you actually go into the restaurant it is divided into different cities
like Kansas City and Sioux City.
So when your table is ready your number is called as well as what city you will be eating in.
It always seemed like the same woman called out the numbers and cities.
She had a very distinctive voice.
I always imagined that she lived in the booth with the microphone.
When me and my sister were little we would always imitate the woman's voice and pretend we worked at the restaurant.
Sometimes if me and my sister would get in a fight I would yell at her in a voice like "The Hilltop" woman and say:
"You should go to Sioux City, and chew on a cow."
I know, very offensive stuff.
So it always made me wonder what Sioux City was like.

I thought it was hilarious that I actually got to go to the real Sioux City and do stand-up there.

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