Monday, May 23, 2005

I got caught in hour and a half of traffic on Saturday night.
An hour and a half!
It totally blew.
I've never been caught in traffic like that before.
I always thought the freeway was where the traffic happened in LA.
Apparently not.
This traffic jam was so not on the freeway.
I avoided the freeway on purpose, just for that reason.
I took a bunch of streets thinking I was outsmarting traffic.
I just drove right into it.
I kept taking more side streets to try to dodge it but that made me get further into it too.
There was crazy traffic because of a concert going on in Hollywood.
Alicia Keys and someone else were performing there.
I ended up missing a spot I had at a club called Bonkerz
I've never missed spot or show because I got caught in traffic before.
It felt weird.
When I was leaving the "oil change" sign lit up on my car.
I think it was the cars way of saying,
"I'm pissed off about the traffic too, Val"

I felt like I was being tested on whether or not I should stay in LA for good.

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