Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Yesterday there was a huge bee that kind of lunged at me.
Do bees lunge?
No, I don't think they do but I'm not sure what other word to use to describe the huge bee's action.
The huge bee swooped at me, and scared the shit out me?
Sure, why not.
The bee swooped at me and I started screaming and cursing at the top of my lungs.
And people in their cars saw me flipping out, and most likely heard me screaming at the abnormally huge bee.
But of course they probably didn't see the bee.
They just saw me flailing my arms like a crazy.
Great, I love when people randomly spy me flailing my arms and screaming.

I bet it wasn't even a bee.
It was huge.
It was a mutant, from a sewer.
Or maybe it was a humming bird,
with rabies.
Do humming birds attack like that?

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