Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It would be really annoying if there was a reality show called,
"The Girly Push-up Challenge",
that followed the lives of 10 women who live in a house together
as they undergo "intense" training to make themselves physically capable of doing girly push-ups.
There would probably be one cast member who kept crying everytime she picked up a 5lb dumb bell weight
would say something like,
"I can't do it! This is too heavy for me! Why are you doing this to us!?"

Then a personal trainer would step forward and say,
"Because you said you wanted to be on the show...and you signed the release form and contract."

Then someone else would probably start crying too
say something like,
"This show is such a mind fuck!!!!"


fan said...

You're hilarious. I love reading your blog. I started reading it after I saw you doing stand-up about a year or so back. Keep it all coming!

Anonymous said...

you were really funny at the comedy connection last night. you should have done some girly push ups.

KnowItAll said...

"Girly Push-up Challenge" would only be annoying if the people on the show were annoying. If normal likeable people were on it who didn't start crying about a 5 lb weight, then this might actually be watchable.