Monday, August 27, 2007

You never know...

A few months back I was inspired to make my arms stronger in an attempt to eventually be able to do a chin up.
This inspiration came from always seeing a scene in action type movies where someone is hanging on to the edge of cliff(or something else) for dear life
the only thing that could possibly save them is:
a) someone magically showing up and hoisting them up to safety
b) they do a chin up and hoist themself up to safety.

Seeing this type of scene again and again made me think,
"Wow what if I were ever hanging on to an edge of a cliff(of someting else) for dear life?"

That was when I decided it was time to prepare myself for such a situation.
Thus began my training to survive a cliff hanging dilemna.

I started out having difficulty doing a mere 10 girly push-ups
now after a few months of training(with not much effort) I can do 40 girly push-ups without a problem.
This is not impressive.

In conclusion,
if I were to be hanging off of a cliff(or something else) for dear life,
I would most likely fall to my death.

at least I would be able to honestly yell,
"I can do 40 girly push-ups!"
as I fell down to my tragic death.

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