Friday, August 24, 2007

Straight to DVD nightmares

So for the last 2 nights I have been having these dreams at night that feel like horrific nightmares while I'm having them
then when I wake up, I'm like,
"That was such a stupid nightmare that it it wasn't even a nightmare."
While I was dreaming them they felt scary though.

"Nightmare" #1:
I went to an old school movie theatre alone.
I bought my ticket then I couldn't control where I was walking.
I ended up involuntary walking into the wrong theatre
sitting on someone's lap.
Then the movie started and it was one I had already seen before.
So I started screaming, as though something treacherous was happening.
Then the person whose lap I was sitting on said,
"You have to watch the whole movie...AGAIN!".

"Nightmare" #2:
I'm walking home from somewhere.
When I get to the door I notice it's unlocked.
So I carefully go inside.
I walk into the living room to find the tv is on(Sesame Street is the show that's on it).
Then I notice an empty Capri Sun drink on the couch.
This causes me to scream and run out of the house yelling,
"Someone has been here!"


Shirley said...

U really are quite entertaining. I'm glad I randomly came across your nonsense.

Val said...
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Val said...

Thanks :)