Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Oh technology!

Because of digital cameras I never bring pictures to be developed anymore
wanted to see if a few pictures I had stored online would translate well to print.
It so easy to print photos now. All it takes is a simple upload and an email.
Then within an hour or less you can have your photos ready
for some bizarre reason the 2 people who sent in their photos in just before you decided that they wanted to have 1000 photos developed each!
This exactly what happened to me this week.
If it hadn't been for these 2 people my pictures would have been ready in about 15 minutes
because of their 1000 photos each my 15 minutes turned into 12 hours.
Then when 12 hours was up my pictures still weren't ready.
I felt kind bitchy about it,
then kind of caught myself because I remembered a simpler time when I was a kid and took pictures with my Fisher Price camera and was perfectly happy with waiting for a week or even two weeks to see how the pictures I had taken of my stuffed animals had turned out.

I predict in the future cameras won't even exist.
We'll all just ear contact lenses and blink when we want to take a photo.
Then if you want to have your pictures developed all you'll have to do is puke.

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