Monday, February 04, 2008


I watched the Super Bowl
was rooting for the Patriots.
This is the first year I had ever followed football
felt like I had somewhat of a sense of what they are doing
at the same time I still don't.
I think the main reason the Giants won was simply because they seemed to be the underdog in this and probably had more rage when they were playing because they were probably like,
Who do these Patriots think they are? They probably think they are SO special just because they seem to have won EVERY game this season. Well, fu@#$ them! We have to win and make them lose one game!

I bet people on the Giants got phone calls from other football teams who had been beaten by the Patriots saying something like,
You guys better win I'm sick of the Patriots and all their winning!

But in the end I think it was all about inner rage.
Rage makes people run faster and act more aggressive
that seems to come in handy in sports.

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