Thursday, February 07, 2008

I kicked it old school for 24 hours...
Yesterday, I bought a computer moniter that could be classified as the "Zach Morris computer moniter" because it was HUGE on account of being old school just like Zach Morris' cell phone was on "Saved by the Bell".

It was the only one left in stock and I have a feeling it was sitting in the backroom for quite sometime.

My reasoning for buying it was because I thought it would help solve a problem with my laptop
the idea of having an old school computer moniter seemed awesome to me.

When I actually brought home the mointer I realized how incorrect my "logic" had been. The ridiculous size of the moniter was not at all amusing once I actually took it out of the box. Also, it didn't help solve my laptop problem at all.
So I had to return it.

I don't know what seems stranger...
1)Being oddly excited at the check out of a store when buying what appears to be a computer moniter from the 80's
2)Or returning that same moniter the next day only giving the explanation of
I just wasn't feeling it and neither was my laptop...


Jerell said...

Hilarious. I bet you didn't get a full refund, just store credit.

Val said...

I was handed a pile of cash.