Sunday, February 03, 2008

What happened in those 3 hours?!

I randomly watched a snippet of a dance movie that was on TV yesterday.
I have no idea what the name of the movie was and wasn't familiar with the actors.
I tuned in to a scene where a girl was at a dance club and talking to another guy who was there. They seemed to like one another and were flirting but the girl said she had to leave because she had to be at ballet class in 3 hours.
I switched channels then came back to the movie
the girl was at said ballet class.
Her teacher didn't seem to be happy with her
said something to the effect of,
I smell alcohol on your breath! Where were you last night?!
The girl then shamefully admitted to being at a dance club.
Her teacher seemed outraged by this.
This was when I decided I had my fill of this movie.

Is it bad for people who take ballets classes to go to a dance clubs at night?
I don't understand.
Also, that's really gross that the girl still smelled liked alcohol after going to a dance club 3 hours ago.
This makes me think a few things:
1) She most likely didn't brush her teeth before going to her ballet class. Ballet class seems like something you should brush your teeth before going to.

2)When she was at the dance club she must have been doing more than drinking. She must have been puring vodka all over her body and chose not to shower before going to ballet class.

3) Maybe neither of those things happened and the real problem is that her ballet teacher is a raging alcoholic with low self esteem who just likes to accuse people of smelling like alchohol as often as possible because it makes her feel better about herself.

Since I have no idea what the name of this movie was,
I'll never know what really happened...


gollygee said...

It is sick and pathetic that I know this but my guess is it was "Save the Last Dance" starring Julia Stiles. But I've only seen bits and pieces of the movie because it's awful and made me want to retch, but my boyfriend has a thing for train-wreck movies and every now and then I'll walk into the room when he's watching it. :D

Val said...

No, it wasn't "Save the Last Dance". I've seen that movie more than once and actually like it...
I'm not sure what movie it was but I feel like I need to see the whole thing now.

Anonymous said...

the movie may have jsut seemed weird because you caught a random scene out of context..

Spunky said...

How dare you randomly tune in to 3 seconds of a movie on tv and make such harsh comments! Who do you think you are, someone with a blog about random things?