Friday, February 04, 2005

I'm back in Minnesota today. I drove back earlier, from North Dakota.
I did shows at Minot State University and the University of North Dakota.
It was 40 degrees there yesterday which is abnormal for North Dakota this time of year.
People were wearing flip flops, because to them 40 degrees is a heat wave.

Luckily no angry deer leaped at my car rental during the drive back to Minnesota
I did see a few dead deer on the side of the road.
I saw dead animals in the middle of the road too.
I have no idea what they were though.
I'm convinced that this will make the leaping deer even angrier.
They're probably outraged about the death of their friends.
So now every leap will be filled with fury and revenge.
I'm screwed.
I have to figure out a way to communicate with the deer and let them know that I wasn't the one who killed their friends on the highway.

Tonight I'm performing at a chapel.
That should be interesting...
Tuesday, I was at a bar.
Tonight, I'm at a chapel.

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