Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Today I'm in Wisconsin and it's snowing a bit.
The drive here was only about 5 minutes which was great.
It was the easiest drive I've had out here so far.
The most difficult drive was the one I had to do through North Dakota to get to Minnesota a few days ago.
It wasn't that it was difficult it was more about it just being really boring.
Maybe it was just that one particular highway I happened to be on but there was really nothing to look at.
When I say nothing, I mean nothing.
Miles of nothing.
For awhile I felt like I was the only car on the highway.
Pretty creepy.

But once I was in Minnesota there was more to see.
I really like Duluth.
I performed at the University of Minnesota there, and that was cool too.
Again no deer sightings but plenty of deer stories
just wildlife stories in general.
This led to a discussion of a cartoon that was a favorite of mine when I was little,
but had forgotten about:
Shirt Tales

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