Monday, February 07, 2005

Today I'm in Duluth, MN.
There is a view of Lake Superior from my hotel room which is really cool.

Still no sign of leaping deer.
But I saw a tire from someone's car on the side of the road.
Then as I kept on driving I saw more car parts on the road.
This makes me think that something tragic happened, that involved a leaping deer,
or some other leaping animal like a lion.
Maybe not though I don't think Duluth is a lion town.

Whenever I meet people out here the first thing I ask them is if they've ever had a deer incident.
Almost everyone I've met has.
But to them it's not a big deal, and they think it's funny that I'm so fascinated with their deer stories.

Friday's show was a lot of fun.
I performed at Concordia College in Moorhead,MN.
I was kind of worried about the show at first because I was told that the show was going to be held at a chapel and that students might be sensitive to certain material.
But when I got to the college it turned out the chapel was very un-chapel like.
There were no crosses, priests, or nuns there.
Everyone at the school told me that just about all of the performers who come to their school get freaked out when they are told that the show is at a chapel.
When I did my hour I cursed like I normally do, and do everything that I normally do
I just didn't do my new cock jokes.

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