Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I'm in North Dakota today and tomorrow.
The show I did last night went well. It was for SW Minnesota State University at a laid back bar.

There are a lot of deer crossing signs out here and that creeps me out.
Because in the picture the deer looks like it's leaping.
That would suck to have pictures of you leaping on a highway.
I would be pissed, if I were a deer.
I would be sure that when I crossed the highway I was leaping.
Only I would be extra flamboyant with my leap, because I would feel the need to give people what was advertised in the picture.

Do deer travel in herds?
I hope not.
I don't want to cross paths with a herd of angry leaping deer.
I don't think they travel in herds though.
I think that's buffalo...or cows...or Saint Bernards.

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