Thursday, February 10, 2005

I'm back in Minnesota.
The shows in Wisconsin were fun.
The driving to them went well too except for the fact that...

I got pulled over for speeding in Wisconsin yesterday.
I'm not bragging when I say that, or endorsing speeding.
I'm just telling you what I got pulled over for.
If you ever go to Wisconsin, don't speed there(or anywhere).
They mean business with their speed laws.
I didn't mean to speed.
I never speed.
I usually drive like an old woman who is on the lookout for leaping deer.
I just happened to be listening to good music that inspired me to speed.
So David Bowie and his "best of" CD are to blame for this.

I was told I was speeding.
Then I was asked why I was speeding.
I had no reasons, so I decided to be honest and say, "I have no idea..."
It was then pointed out to me that in Wisconsin if you get caught speeding you spend a night in jail,
if you can't pay the $300 dollar fine.
I was just given a warning.
Which was VERY lucky for me because I didn't have $300 dollars on me,
so I would have had to spend a night in jail...
Well probably not, I forgot about the credit card option.
But for the sake of storytelling let's forget about the credit card/check option.
That would have sucked if I had to call the college that I was performing at and be like,
"Hey you guys, I can't make it because I'm in jail."

The good thing that came out of this was that the highway patrol guy taught me how to use cruise control...

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