Saturday, February 12, 2005

I'm done with the beginning part of this tour.
My last show was at the College of St. Scholastica in Duluth.
It was a good time and again everyone was nice.
The rest of the tour starts back up in about a week in Wisconsin.

Thank you to all of the schools who have had me over so far
to everyone who came out to the shows and laughed at the things I said.
I appreciate it.

I'm off to Minneapolis tomorrow.
On Monday I'll be showcasing at NACA Nationals which should be fun.
Unless, I blow it...
Maybe I will.
I hope I don't though.
Maybe I'll think too highly of myself, then when my name is announced I'll start spinning onto the stage like a big show off.
Then on the third spin I'll fall over dramatically.
It all happens in slow motion.
The audience can't believe it.
"That's what she gets for spinning like a fool!", they think before they start booing.
I just lay there on the stage, tragically.
Digging deep for the courage to get back up
finally I do.
But then a herd of leaping deer come running onto the stage and trample over me.
So I decide to remain down on the ground.
I also decide to never spin in public again.

I don't think that will happen though.
I'm not a big fan of spinning.
Hopefully I'll just tell my jokes and people will find them funny.
I need to stay focused.

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