Thursday, February 17, 2005

I'm back on the east coast.
I've actually been back for a couple of days.
I did "ok" at NACA Nationals.
The reason I just say "ok" is because the last time I did a NACA conference
I did a bit better than "ok" because I got a standing ovation.
So compared to that, this was just "ok".
But thanks to everyone who said nice things to me after.

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shhlut said...

hey val,
i saw u at NACA nationals and thought you were pretty funny because it was an unlikely situation. my friends and i that went cant stop talking the way you do. i hope very much that we will book you here but others are thinking no... which is sad to me... its time to die now, but thats a fictional story of course, great stuff val kappa, great... oh, and the ATT story, good material... later